• Ban.do 17 Month Classic Agenda - Lady of Leisure

    Brodawka & Friends

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  • Description

    Are you ready for your whole life to change? yeah, you totally are. meet the new ban.do agenda! it's your all-in-one personal assistant, best friend, #1 fan, wingwoman, game changer & keeper of dreams. and it's better than ever: more stickers, more notes pages, a pocket, secret code, a coloring page, tons of art inside and out, and so much more! whether you're a full-on #planneraddict or someone who's just got big plans, trust us when we say you've gotta have one. (p.s. they will sell out, so get yours now!) #omgbandoagenda


    • 5.125 in. x 8.125 in.
    • 17 months of fun! (aug 2016 - dec 2017)
    • matte laminated hardcover
    • case-bound, lay flat design
    • neon pink satin ribbon placeholder
    • improved elastic band closure!
    • pocket on inside back cover
    • the cutest sticker pages of all time!
    • color-coded month tabs
    • awesome artwork throughout!
    • a bunch of super fun holidays
    • year view, month view + week view!
    • extra notes pages!
    • fun weekend to-dos!
    • compliments throughout!
    • a coloring page in the back!
    • 120 gsm / 85 lb. wood free paper
    • 288 pages + 2 sticker sheets