• Umbra GLO Frame 8x10 Brass

    Brodawka & Friends

  • $35.00

  • Description

    Merge lighting technology with a household staple — the picture frame — to make your favorite photos shine. Glo brings the LED strip to the photo frame, making this household staple both eye-catching and multifunctional.

    • Two glass panes sit in the base of Glo and float your photo
    • The panes can be placed in portrait or landscape, giving you added versatility when deciding which photos to put in this frame
    • The LED strip built into the frame’s base creates a halo-like glow along the edges of its glass panes
    • Powered by a USB cable with an on/off switch, Glo makes a great deskside accessory as it can be plugged into your computer
    • Alternate Uses Glo can serve as a nightlight and looks great on a bedside table.
    Umbra GLO Frame 8x10 Brass

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