• Modern Sprout Garden Jar - Palm Pint

    Modern Sprout

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  • Description

    Self-watering indoor Palm Tree Garden Jar that features a pint-sized metallic coral finished canning jar outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” to bring water and nutrients up to the plant roots. Start by sprouting seeds indoors, then transplant the biodegradable pot outside, directly into a garden or patio container. 

    So whether you forget to water, overwater, or both, we’ve got you covered. This year-round indoor planter comes equipped with everything you’ll need to start growing, just add water and set in a sunny window.

    Designed to be reused. Awesomely assembled in the USA.

    Check out how easy it is to set up the Modern Sprout's Garden Jar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktdmv_DwaWg&feature=youtu.be


    • Size: 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 5 1/2" (pint jar)
    • Weight: 13oz
Modern Sprout Garden Jar - Palm Pint

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